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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 24, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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an investigation is underway after a domestic violence 911 call in sebostopol leads to a deadly shooting. good evening everyone and happy thanksgiving. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. that shooting came as a surprise to neighbors who say they still don't know what led to the confrontation.
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one officer is on paid leave and investigators are still on the scene, eric. >> reporter: they are still here tonight and they tell us this confrontation started and actually happened outside one of the units here at the redwood grove apartments. they say it all started when a woman called 911 to report an ex-boyfriend pounding on the door. but police say they didn't know this man was armed until they got here. the sight of police stunned neighbors at the apartments on fellers point. >> we were just trying to figure out what the heck happened. >> reporter: just steps away, a woman was alone in her apartment and called 911 to report her ex-boyfriend banging on her door. an officer responded to the call and had to quickly protect himself. neighbors say they heard as many as five shots but no one seems to know what led up to
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the confrontation. >> it's very unusual because we never saw anyone arguing. this place is pretty quiet. >> on thanksgiving, i mean. you know people get emotional and they don't know what to do. >> reporter: investigators had not identified the man. >> domestic violence is a real unknown. you don't know all the emotional that's behind it. how long it's been going on. the build up, you don't know what happened earlier in the day and your hands are tied when you get on a scene like that. >> reporter: santa rosa police are now handling this investigation. because it involved a sebostopol police involved shooting, they don't know how long they'll be out here tonight. a man grabbed a water hose
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to help put out a fire at a neighbor's house. investigators say it looks like the fire started in a bedroom but the cause is not determined yet. one well known toy store is doing something for the first time this evening. >> reporter: that's right and for now we're outside the best buy across from the toy store where the line starts at the door and moves all the way count the block around the building. i counted just about half an hour ago, more than 400 people who are in line right now to get into best buy. and this is just one of the stores. take a look earl -- earlier we were at toys r' us where they had lined up several hundred. it's the first time toys r' us
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is open this early and there are plenty of people there looking for a deal. anderson arrived and was willing to wait. >> it's been hard this year for me and my family. definitely trying to get discounted prices. >> reporter: as stores battle for the business, black friday has nudged it's way into turkey thursday. some were dressed up at old navy showing shoppers early deals. >> the first time we've shopped on black friday, yes. >> reporter: up 10% from last year. one factor is stores extended hours with extra staffing. giving shoppers more time to spend their money. >> we hired a great crew this year. seasonal associates, 175.
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>> reporter: some waiting since 1:00 wednesday to get a deal. and hoping to stretch their dollar in these tough economic times. >> we're not doing so well this year i guess and we wanted to take advantage of the deals. >> reporter: this is just the beginning along with toys r' us opening at 9:00, wal-mart just opened in the past hour. these shoppers here at best buy as well as people at target, macy's and kohl's will always be getting through these doors at midnight. reporting live in emeryville, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. we spoke to an online analyst who is tracking online trends this thanksgiving weekend. >> what we're seeing is that consumers are getting online earlier in the day. that's allowing consumers to shop at 20% higher than last year. >> reporter: online stores are getting a lot of help from social media. websites such as facebook and
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twitter help shoppers share deals with their friends. a use tax is equal too the sales tax that a customer would have paid if buying in california. many retailers who sell online and are out of state don't collect the tax or they tell buyers that they may owe the state. the state legislature passed the law requiring the collection of taxes but doesn't go into effect until next year. a reminder there are some changes in b.a.r.t. service. tomorrow b.a.r.t. says it'll be running longer trains beginning at 6:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. also plans on running longer trains on sunday for those returns home from their holiday trips. the occupy movement is taking part in black friday's wealth. coming up in 20 minute, how demonstrators are planning to protest tomorrow's kick off of their holiday holiday season. the pepper spraying of uc berkeley protesters sitting on the ground seems to be a source
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of the occupy movement. >> reporter: this afternoon thanksgiving dinner at occupy uc davis, the food donated by members of the community. the bustle of the community this past week replaced by calm, cold and rain. >> it's really easy going. we don't have any of our intense conversations that we usually have. it's just staying out of the rain, trying to stay warm. >> reporter: easy going is not the way it went wednesday afternoon. the university has left us alone which is what we wanted. >> reporter: but the university has not left them alone it has helped to facilitate the
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encampment by providing restrooms and tents. >> when i saw the episode of the pepper spray, i was, i was just very upset that this happened. >> reporter: the occupy protesters here say they've received a donation of more than 100 tents and they expect donations of hundreds more so this encampment of 50 tents could grow considerably by monday the day of the planned general strike. ken pritchett. for the latest on the occupy movement be sure to visit then click on the occupy protest tab. in arizona, authorities confirmed that six people including three young children were all killed in a plane crash near mesa last night. the twin engine plane slammed right into a sheer cliff and then caught fire. scorch marked are clearly visible right up the mountainside. the pilot had just picked up
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his three kids. two other adults were also on board. so far there's no indication of a cause. >> it happened just at the very crest of this mountain almost as if it would make it over. the crash occurred there and the debris was scattered not only due to the crash but the manner of the explosion. >> at this point only the body of a child has been recovered. the nature of the mountains and canyons is makes it extremely difficult for search teams to reach the crash site. federal investigators say pilot error is the likely cause of a plane crash that killed two. the pilot of the cessna was given instructions for take off. he was also told that take off was at his own risk due to near zero visibility. the report says that pilot bourn failed to gain enough altitude and crashed just seconds after taking off in a
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neighborhood in east palo alto? a quarantine has been issued in marin county. administrators at country villa nevado say they returned operations to normal last night. officials say the gastrointestinal illness has no long term health effects. an oakland teenager is fulfilling a mission to help people in need. michael and his group mike's meals passed out meals. it's something he's done once a month ever since a donated liver saved his life. >> if i never would have gone to the hospital i would have never given back to these people. just like someone i didn't know gave something to me, what i needed, which was a liver. >> reporter: his group also
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handed out hand knitted hats, scarves and gloves. cnn has nominated the freshman as a young wonder hero. but he says he doesn't feel like a hero. he says he's just doing his job. a thanksgiving tradition becomes a family rivalry. see how football fans are getting into the action. trying to fly home for thanksgiving didn't go as planned for some travelers today. we'll tell you the other way it we [ female announcer ] at jcpenney this thanksgiving...
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the driver of a pickup truck in oakland slammed right into a building this morning it happened at the intersection of fairfax and bancroft avenue. you see the result there. fortunately the building was empty and no one was hurt. the accident is under investigation but officers say both drivers are claiming that they had the right of way. it was big brother versus little brother tonight and what some were calling the harbowl. amber lee is in the city with more on the family rivalry. >> reporter: we're at the 500 block near the mission neighborhood. it's a popular spot for 49er fans. now though it's thanksgiving night their focus is on the
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sibling rivalry that made newspaper headlines. fans with bellying filled with turkey and gravy say a thanksgiving day with football is tradition. only this time it's featuring the home team with a winning record. and the coaches, john harbaugh and jim harbaugh are brothers. >> it makes it different because they're related. >> reporter: kendra and emily kinn told us her 49er jersey was a gift from patrons. and having the game on was special. >> people think i'm looking at them but i'm not i'm just looking over them. >> reporter: the 49ers winning record will hopefully pave the way to the super bowl. back to the hay day of the
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jerry rice and montana era. >> i was a big 49er fans with my dad and grandma the good days. now the good days are coming back. >> i was playing versus my brother i would definitely want to beat him. >> die-hard fans say win or lose tonight 49ers will also be number one. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, so how did the 49ers do and which brother came out on top? don't look at that scoreboard there. highlights from tonight's game coming up in sports in just about 45 minutes. court documents reveal information about the shooting death of a hell's angel out of l. a. petigrew was fatally shot in september. a transcript entered into a court record says testimony from a witness says it wasn't an assassination plot.
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he says leaders from the hell's angels and vagos had just agreed on a truce when a vagos member started an argument. another vagos member pulled the trigger. the incident began with some sort of fight. when deputies arrived they found victor straton with multiple stab wounds. investigators say traton and carter knew each other. carter is being held on $1 million bail. the chp's maximum enforcemented period started yesterday. it will end on sunday. that is nearly 6% more than the year before. this year the chp is also checking to make sure drivers and passengers are buckled up
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as well. some holiday travelers who waited until today to get to their destinations found clear sailing but for others it was a lot of waiting. jade hernandez surveyed the travel on trains, planes and automobiles. >> reporter: some travelers expected huge lines. >> i came here an hour early. i'm still extremely early. i guess i'm just going to wait. >> reporter: but some of the delays came on the tarmac. minor visibility issues slowed traffic. most delays seen on this board were less than an hour and a half and affected various airlines including american and virgin america. >> i usually travel from l.a.x. and very crowded. >> i was very surprised. >> reporter: with ticket in hand, lisa cristoph faced weather issues. after being turned over to a whole new airline she will miss thanksgiving in philly. >> now i have to take a red eye
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and i'm not even going to get there until 11 in the morning. so thanksgiving dinner will be over and i will miss my whole family. >> reporter: a train ride made more sense for the krueger family. >> this is our first time taking our baby, so it's a little different. >> reporter: almost as if to help, all of amtrak's arrivals and departures are scheduled on time today. the california highway patrol reported smooth roadways. this is traffic into san francisco earlier this afternoon. oakland international reported no delays whatsoever on this thanksgiving. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on just how many people are traveling this holiday. aaa says about 4,200 people are expected to hit the roads or take to the skies this thanksgiving weekend.
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that's the highest number since the start of the recession at the end of 2007. for those who fly, air fare is up about 20% from last year while the cost of gasoline is up 15%. many california skiers are enjoying their thanksgiving holiday on the sierra nevada slopes. sugar bowl opened up today and it's just one of the many resorts opening for this thanksgiving weekend. sugar bowl operators say most years just being able to open on thanksgiving is enough for them. look on ktvu for our traffic radar. we have mostly cloudy skies and fog showing up. the weather system slid through
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overnight. this week weather system see just pushing through right now. here it is this secondary system this is right now. you can see a few sprinkles being delivered from that but that's it. things are going to dry as we go into the 24 hour. with that chill overnight we're going to see the valley fog reform in many inland valleys especially folks traveling around tonight and early tomorrow morning. people that are not familiar with trains around here you're going to have very dense fog. tomorrow morning if you have travel plans early or late tonight, watch out for the valley fog. i'm back here in a few minutes we're going the talk more about your forecast with your bay area five day. arizona congresswoman giffords surprised the troops at an air force base today. she and her husband mark kelly helped serve thanksgiving dinner. the congresswoman has made tremendous improvement. >> ma'am you're an inspiration to the community, to the base,
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and to the nation. >> thanks. >> reporter: the commander added that many of the service members have also had major injuries and it was good for them to see how well she is doing. the base asked a staffer of giffords office to take part. but when she found out, she decided to take part herself. this picture of a
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some san jose city leaders actually welcomed occupy san jose back to city hall but not permanently. ktvu's robert handa explains what's behind this change in attitude. >> reporter: it was once a
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familiar site, the symbolic tent and protesters with signs. today two city council members intervened to let the protesters hold a thanksgiving event where their encampment once stood. >> we're not here to reoccupy, we're here to have our thanksgiving in our home and to show to everybody that we're still here and osj is not going away. >> reporter: the get together did seem more like a gathering of friends than a demonstration. several leaders say the bonding is crucial to keep the group from splintering after losing it's camp and to keep a united front as it fights with the city to get a permit that would allow them to set up a new encampment. >> we just all fought through the garbage that was spewed out against us. we're a lot stronger for it. >> reporter: while occupy san jose tries to work out a plan with san jose, they will join
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other groups on black friday which they consider an indulgence of the 1%. >> we're going to join other groups on black friday and we would support anyone who's willing to take part in those. we might be doing the same. >> reporter: although the group's next move is unpredictable it is pursuing a compromise with city hall to allow all day protests but no overnight stays. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. another confrontation today between occupy protesters and oakland police. this one happened around 3:00 p.m. as a truck was trying to deliver portable toilets to friends in ogawa plaza. it's not clear who ordered the toilets. there were no permits for the toilets and police asked them to leave. that upset protesters.
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the president of the state public utilities commission is proposing an initial opt out fee of $90 and each month there would be another $15 fee. low income customers would not have to pay the official fee but would have to pay $5 a month. opponents of smart meters are concerned about potential health risks from those devices. it appears the merger from at that time and team mobile could be at risk of collapsing. the carrier said today they are withdrawing the request to the fcc to join operations. they say it's only temporary though to help them focus on winning clearance from the justice department which blocked the $39 billion transition back -- transaction rather. palm drive hospital and marin general are in negotiations about a possible service sharing agreement. one proposal under consideration would have marin
11:57 pm
general hospital running the day-to-day management of palm drive. that would save palm drive an estimated $2.8 million a year. in return, palm drive would then help marin general with recruiting, financing and planning. today is a day off for many people across the country. there are plenty of people who went to work today. the fire station down in san jose, firefighters were making their own dinner while on duty. thanksgiving is one of those days that people need the extra protection firefighters afford. >> the chief has gone out on two structure fire, both of them involving turkeys. >> reporter: those who were cooking were glad to see super markets open. one man we spoke to today said he was unemployed for three months and that he doesn't mind going to work, that he's just grateful to have a job. it was the tenth annual turkey swim. it happened at the hayward plunge pool this morning.
11:58 pm
proceeds from that event go to the karen gordon scholarship fund which officers scholarship to life guards working at that center. karen gordon was a life guard and also an intern here at ktvu. she was killed by a drink driver on her 19th birthday. the money raised also helps officer swimming lessons to low income families. all right, happy thanksgiving. >> thank
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which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at the occupy movement is taking on a new target. big box stores.
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alex savedge tell us the protesters plan of action for tomorrow's black friday. >> reporter: occupy oakland volunteers served up turkey and sides. but instead of planning traditional after thanksgiving shopping trips people here are planning boycotts. they want people to skip the sales. >> if you need to shop, shop with a conscious. >> reporter: we could see protesters picketing big chain stores or even occupying them. >> occupy oakland encourages diversity and tactics and people should be enpowered to do economist actions. >> reporter: they want shoppers to think about who they're giving their money too. >> until people change their behavior and send a different message to the system about what their values are, then the system will start to respond.
12:02 am
>> reporter: but a black friday boycott isn't getting a whole lot of support from these shoppers. >> well occupy is not going the give me a tv. >> reporter: for people camping out, looking to pick up tvs. >> they're not writing my check, they're not saving me any money, so i'm here. >> reporter: occupy protesters want people to avoid retailers and instead spend their money at local businesses. thousands of people participants laced up to take part of a thanksgiving tradition. one runner took her role as a
12:03 am
turkey to heart. >> this year i'm so hot. >> reporter: some 20,000 people hit the street for the seventh annual applied material silican valley turkey trot. that event raised $300,000 for the children's health initiative. thanksgiving is a day for family, friends, good food and gratitude. today photographer jimenez found the true meaning of thanksgiving. >> we made a whole bunch of sandwiches. >> i've been camping in these bushing for 30 years. it's really helpful. >> i got a few sodas, oranges, apples, a couple of snacks here
12:04 am
and there. a little bit of cereal. >> it makes you feel good going home. >> i would be at home, i live in l. a. but i would rather be out here conversing, there's so many people with different background. >> happy thanksgiving. >> i came here to the restaurant, stepped forward and offered to serve meals to people at our community. >> we have really nice people who deserve to be served in fine dining style. >> right now, i'm just grateful to be here on this thanksgiving day. >> i'm not used to eating like this, facing the water on the boats and stuff. i have a lot to be thankful. >> on a day like today, i will remember forever. >> i just want to wish everybody happy thanksgiving out there. >> the spirit of giving was in the air in san francisco this holiday as well.
12:05 am
volunteers at clyde memorial church serves thanksgiving meals for thousands of people. the cooks had been working on the special meals since yesterday. right now a thanksgiving celebration is being held with the reverend cecil williams. and volunteers also served up a feast. mayor ed lee and members of the police and fire department were also there to help. both st. anthony said they met their volunteer caps in just three days. you can join ktvu this thanksgiving to make sure those in need stay warm this winter. tomorrow drop off your new or lightly used coat at one of the four bay area locations you see on the screen for this year's one warm coat drive. a lot of ktvu personalities including mark ibanez, pam cook, heather holmes, lloyd lacuesta and myself will be out
12:06 am
there collecting coats. and why this is the last thanksgiving dinner for some troops serving overseas. and we're going to look at the rest of your weekend weather forecast. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee
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and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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>> how are you, happy thanks kpwáeufing. -- thanksgiving. thank you very much, god bless you. this morning, the president took to the phone lines and called 10 military members deployed overseas. mr.obama wished them a happy thanksgiving and thanked them
12:09 am
for their service. this is the last thanksgiving that troops will spend over seas. in baghdad they enjoyed a traditional turkey dinners. u.s. forces are to be out of the country until the end of the year. >> it's pretty much a regular day for us. you have to stay vigilant. >> today the soldiers had a turkey dinner while keeping a watch out for militants and the fighting in the distance. one soldier commented it never compares to his mom's cooking but it works. the violence in egypt calmed down but both military leaders refused to back down from their demands. both sides did agree to a truce and it was still holding by nightfall. a barricade was set up to keep
12:10 am
police and demonstrators on their sides. the first round of parliamentary elections will go forward as scheduled starting monday. an egyptian court has ordered the release of three american students. it's not known when they will actually be freed especially because getting through egypt's complex judicial system could take some time. in other news of the world tonight, in mexico police in guadalajara found the bodies of 26 men in vehicles. all the men had been bound, gagged and shot in the head. there was a written message but authorities have not released its content. in portugal, protesters fought with demonstrators.
12:11 am
they are angry about austerity. it's already gotten one bail out earlier. the agency downgraded portugal's credit status. in cuba, the lack of a lending system is one of the main complaints of the growing clause of entrepreneurs that cuba is now allowing to run independ businesses. the latest trend in communication is changing. a new fcc tally shows more than 800,000 active licenses right now and the growth rate is about 20 to 25,000 new licenses a year for the past five years in ham radio operators. >> i think it's something magical to be able to communicate with people all over the world.
12:12 am
>> reporter: according to the relay league, most of the licenses are issued to retirees and emergency rooms. a man who is caught on tape trying to rob a 7/11 while dressed in a gumby costume has pled guilty. 19-year-old jacob kiss and his accomplice entered the store. that person there in the gum by outfit claimed to have a gun. a few days later the men surrendered and the gumby suit was taken in as evidence. he saved her from -- and now they've been reunited after a trip half way around the world. >> this week this dog was in afghanistan. how another dog that came with her made the day for a bay area
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they say a dog is a man's best friend and nowhere is that more true than in the case of a bay area marine who served in afghanistan. john sasaki tells us about a reunion that spanned nearly 7,500 miles. >> reporter: this is a thanksgiving reunion like no other. the dog and the u.s. marine that saved her or vice versa. >> every time she would start barking in the middle of night it was someone hopping trying to climb over our base. >> reporter: ward van alstine adopted khloe. >> eventually she found out she could live in our tent. so she did. she's queen of the realm. >> reporter: grimly who is
12:16 am
staying with his aunt were rescued. >> this little girl was as a puppy being stoned by the afghan police outside the embassy in kabul. >> reporter: embassy staff pulled her to safety. they pulled her life from a dark future. >> the taliban knows that it's so demoralizing when they kill these dogs. so they target them. >> reporter: that's grimlin with the duchess of york. >> now they realize that the suicide rate in afghanistan is just rampant. >> reporter: and bonny is a psycho therapist who knows dogs are life saving. >> there's a quote i know that says, there's no psychiatrist like the warm lick of a puppy
12:17 am
on the face. >> reporter: i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. and checking out live storm tracker 2. you see the live radar and a few showers showing up. you can see out here just's of lake bariesa. just light scattered showers but it's winding down. showers last night to the tune of the north bay about an inch of rain. a little more. for the rest of us .25. here comes the second wave and that's what produced some of the showers out there in the central valley. just light sprinkles. that should be the end of it. just got a report in in the last 20 minutes that out by fairfield a lot of folks driving around. the fog has gotten really bad really fast. out by the fairfield area, out by vacaville. when you start seeing it form,
12:18 am
you're going to see it rapidly form in other inland bay valleys. check the traffic. there's a lot of people out driving around right now, and fog is going to show up in a lot of spots that you don't expect to see it. just be prepared for that tonight and tomorrow morning and as we go through the next couple of days. these are greens respecting 50s not upper 60s. maybe a 65 some where. maybe out toward mountain view and those areas most of us 61, 62 degrees so a nice day. we start out with morning fog, valley fog. the next couple of days high pressure. we'll see a few clouds out there tomorrow, along with the fog in the morning. but basically dry conditions with light winds so it's going to be a nice period as you go into the rest of your weekend. a little bit more cloud activity. then coastal fog. then you just sort of see it go away saturday, looks nice.
12:19 am
now we're going toward sunday. what you see sunday a system north and then clouds south. right now we look dry right through the weekend. there's some activity over my shoulder but it should not come through here. the real weather story will be the valley fog. when you get the rain and then you get these cool nights this time of year it can be a problem. and especially with multiple clear nights and light winds. the fog will build, it'll build out. each night and morning it'll be more aggressive. be prepared for that. there's your five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. just a nice little set up. a nice weekend coming up. just fog in the morning and mild daytime highs. >> any rain. >> looks like next week is dry. right now it's dry for six or seven days. the building of a scenic bike path got the approval.
12:20 am
the money comes from a voter approved nevada bond maker. with an $8,200 price tag the project still faces obstacles. 40 beagles may not know that today is thanksgiving but they are undoubtedly feeling very grateful now that they have been rescued from a medical lab in spain. it was the beagle freedom project that saved them. it says the dogs are between four and 7 years old and have spent their entire lives inside laboratory cages. the group is hoping to find permanent homes now for all of those dogs. mission high school in san francisco did something tonight that hasn't been done since you ready for your present? yeah.
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all right, i'll be right back. okay. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes the giving can be just as amazing as the gift. what do you think? [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 ct 200h and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment. millions of the spectators spanned out to new york city for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. the water cooperated, it was sunny and no rain. that's always good news for the people who guide those balloons. santa claus comes at the --
12:24 am
comes at the end of the parade signaling the beginning of the christmas season. and the 49ers in fact, were the first nfl team since 1975 to fly across at least three time zones to play a thursday night game. now fatigue and lack of preparation may have been a factor as the harbowl turned into a low scoring game. mom and pop, they left before kick off and watched the game on tv. tied 3-3 in the first quarter. looks like alex smith has a big play. nice break away, that's a nice 75-yard touchdown. take the points off the board, ravens still led 6-3 just before halftime now when alex
12:25 am
smith throws into the end zone. 49ers edwards is the target but web wants it and he wants it back. that's the only turnover in this game. 49ers still have not allowed a -- flacco caps it off with a strike to pitta. niners had no sacks while the ravens tied their franchise record with nine. nine sacks. alex smith run down by terrell suggs. 49ers lose their first road game of the season 16-6. niners now 6-2. and older brother outdoes his younger brother. >> i can say my brother john is the sharpest iron i've ever encountered my entire life. and this game is about the players, and it's highly
12:26 am
competitive. and didn't go our way. >> and detroit lions and sue earns the you are i -- the turkey of the day award. watch the right food of sue. he gets on smith and stomps on his arm. after sue gets ejected green bay needs just three more offensive plays to score two more touchdowns. aaron rogers throws to james jones. jones 65 yards for the touchdown. green bay wins 27-16. they're 11-0 for the first time in franchise history. detroit 7-0. howdy partners, cowboys hosting miami. cowboys quarterback tony romo intercepted twice tonight. but this time romo rolls out and hits robinson for the 18- yard score. that's robinson's second td of the game. this game featured five lead changes, dallas trailed again
12:27 am
19-17 until dan bailey pushed -- mission high had a thanksgiving day they will never forget. because today they broke a 16 year drought. mission had not played in a championship game. 12-7 mission. washington-eagles are the defending champions but mission beats pepe mano. bears win the city championship for the first time since 1954. both teams finished the season with 9-3 record but mission high wins the 88th san francisco triple a bowel. >> they'll be talking about that for years. >> you bet. bragging rights. >> thank you, fred. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
12:28 am
news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we will see you tomorrow morning for the crazy black friday. and we are always here for you ♪ true love gave to me... six geese a-laying. five new tops... i want to be very specific about this because last year i got some gifts i wasn't exactly feeling. especially from you, uncle dale. were those acid wash jeans? i just hope you all stuck to my list this year. a new digital camera or a new suede shoulder bag would be really ideal. sorry to be so frank. i just don't need another needlepoint throw pillow, aunt carla. ♪ four calling birds, three french hens... when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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